Expert Tips to Preserve Your Exterior House Paint in Brisbane’s Humid Climate

Humidity certainly poses a challenge to homeowners in Brisbane, making cheap paint jobs easy to spot from house to house. In order to properly maintain the condition of your exterior house paint, it’s important that you undertake certain measures. 

Some of these measures need to be factored into the initial decision-making BEFORE you paint your home, while others are things that you can do from day to day to keep your paint job in top shape for longer. Let’s look at these more closely.

Consult with an Expert About the Best Paint for Brisbane Home Exteriors

While countries that experience mild (and often consistent) weather can get away with painting their homes with less than premium paint, Brisbane residents aren’t quite so lucky in this regard. While we always maintain that there are very few drawbacks to living in the Sunshine State, this is one of them. You already know that rain, hail, and intense heat & humidity influence many aspects of our lives in Brisbane. Cars rust more quickly, and homes deteriorate if not properly guarded.

Before painting your home, consult with a professional paint company about outdoor paint protection that is best for the Brisbane climate. Choose a paint that is specially manufactured to adhere to and protect wood, wall plaster, roof tiles, and gutters all year round. 

Consider Doing Repairs on Your Home Exterior Before Painting

While we understand you might want to jump straight into dipping your brush into paint, there’s no point in painting over damaged walls, rusted gutters, or broken roof tiles. Water from rain and humidity will seep into tiny areas and cause larger scale damage if not tended to quickly. 

Damp and mould are two sides of the same coin, and a problem that is common in Brisbane. Left unchecked, damp can cause extensive damage to your walls. Ask your painting professionals if they include an inspection of your home exterior before they begin painting. Many don’t, but the best ones do. 

A professional paint company will always ensure that you get a paint job that’s made to last for as long as possible. They will happily quote you on repairing or replacing gutters, fixing roof tiles, mending wooden elements around your home, and remedying damp in your walls. 

Prepare the Surface of Your Exterior Walls Before Painting Commences

Outdoor paint protection is only as good as the wall preparation you do beforehand. Removing old paint (especially lead paint), sanding surfaces thoroughly, and repairing chips or cracks will ensure better absorption of your exterior house paint.

Proper equipment is often required in this process, so to get the job done correctly and ensure that you’re protecting your investment, ask a professional to handle your entire house painting project from start to finish. 

Repairing and repainting an old weatherboard home in Red Hill Brisbane

Apply the Correct Number of Layers to Your Walls

Many homeowners who decide to paint their homes themselves simply use the current layer of paint as their undercoat. However, priming your walls with a proper undercoat is essential in covering your house walls thoroughly. This preparation step gives your walls an overall thicker finished look after the final coat has been applied. Old paint should instead be removed, the undercoat applied, and then two layers of the primary colour painted onto those surfaces.

This not only looks better, but saves you on paint! Not priming your walls beforehand may lead you to have to use more than two coats to properly cover your walls. This is especially true for walls that are not smooth, not to mention beams, pillars, and fences. 

Use a Paint that is Easy to Clean & Maintain During All Brisbane Seasons

One of the most important qualities of exterior house paint is that it protects your home. For this reason, special paint needs to be used in the case of Brisbane homeowners. That’s because we have a climate in Brisbane that is often unforgiving and extreme. 

Fortunately, Dulux has developed protective paint for regions like ours. It’s designed to protect against humidity, harsh sunlight, hail, and heavy rainfall. It’s also easy to maintain throughout the year, allowing you to clean your home exterior without damaging or diminishing the paint’s quality or colour. Speak to an expert and choose outdoor paint protection that has been specifically designed for easy maintenance in Brisbane. 

Final Thoughts

Making sure your paint lasts for years to come is a good way to save money in the long run. You don’t want to have to fork out thousands of dollars for a new paint job every three-to-five years, so do it right the first time and keep your paint looking new and fresh all year round.

If you are looking for an exterior house paint job that will withstand the weather for years to come, call Prime Building Painters – Brisbane’s residential painting specialists – on (07) 4277 7577.