Insider Tips for Painting Your Queenslander House

Beloved by many Brisbane homeowners for their unique character and nod to the past, Queenslander homes are the types of investments that demand only the best, especially when it comes to a new paint and restoration job. However, as you well know if you’ve owned one for long, painting Queenslander houses isn’t always as straightforward as homeowners would like, which is why special equipment and expertise are sometimes called for. 

If your Queenslander home is due for a restoration and new paint job, here are some expert insider tips to consider before going ahead.

Minor Restoration Tips

Heritage homes like Queenslanders are fitted with plenty of detailed features. These include fences, pillars, carvings, decks, and staircases. Each of these features speak to the richness of history your Queenslander holds, which is why it’s so important to focus on and preserve them during restoration. Many professional house painters in Brisbane will usually offer minor fixes of broken wooden elements, wall cracks, and window frames, as this is all part and parcel of painting a Queenslander properly. 

Our advice is that you consider a timeframe and budget for restoration BEFORE you start thinking about painting the rest of the house. Since these features add to the overall look of your Queenslander exterior, you are better off repairing everything to a high standard at the outset. While it might seem like a pain to delay the start of painting when you are keen to get stuck in, this could come back to bite you later if the painting process has to pause halfway through to address any issues that need fixing. Doing so will also ensure they don’t acquire further damage after you’ve painted, which may mean having to touch up later.  

Using the Correct Paint Types

The surfaces of a Queenslander can vary greatly as many incorporate several materials, such as plaster, concrete, different types of wood and metal. Using the appropriate type of paint for each of these surfaces (to ensure adhesion as well as offer adequate protection from the Brisbane climate) is crucial to your investment. 

Many Brisbane paint companies like Prime Building Painters will offer you a free Dulux Colour Consultation, which includes the type of paint to use for each area. We’ll also be able to tell you how much of each colour and paint type you’ll need. 

House Painting with Intricate Details

Before you start painting those finer details of your Queenslander exterior, you may want to invest in specialised painting equipment that will help achieve a better overall result. House paint is meant to guard your home against humidity, extreme weather, and harsh sunlight. Covering every tiny corner—even the unseen nooks of your Queenslander home—is a vital part of protecting the home from the Brisbane climate.  

There are brushes and tools used by professional house painters that you can also purchase for a DIY job. However, many homeowners choose rather to employ a professional team for this involved and often-frustrating process of painting a Queenslander property. 

Window awnings on Queenslander in Camp Hill, Brisbane after repainting

Using High Wall Equipment

Speaking of equipment, have you considered the raised heights of your Queenslander home? Not everyone owns a ladder that can reach the tops of these walls. Not only that, but painting on a high ladder can be a dangerous exercise, one best left up to the experienced and insured professionals if you’re too cautious to brave it. 

Once again there are high wall rollers and ladders that can be purchased for Queenslander painting, but these are often expensive and used only once or twice in a lifetime. Hiring a professional Queenslander house painter may be a better (and cheaper) way to go.  

Specialised Roof Painting

Painting Queenslander house roofs is no easy task either. On top of their raised height, they often feature tiny beams and hidden areas that are hard to reach (let alone while you’re on a high ladder). Painting your Queenslander roof is a specialised process, one best left to the experts. 

Insurance and Other Safeguards

The Queensland government has a fair amount of red tape when it comes to the refurbishment of a heritage property. If your Queenslander property is heritage-listed, this is something you will need to consider. Any restorations will need to ensure that the character of the home will not be compromised, and the Government are strict about repairs being done professionally by a QBCC licensed builder

Permission needs to be acquired even for minor restorations, and the correct paint needs to be selected for a project of this importance. Fortunately, this process will be fully explained to you by the team of experts at Prime Building Painters when you get a quote on repainting your Queenslander home. 

In summary

Our experts have been painting Queenslander homes in Brisbane for decades, so follow our tips on what to consider before you even think about visiting your nearest paint shop. You’ll be glad you prepared for this project properly, because a Queenslander home is an architectural gem that should be preserved for generations to come. 

Trust the important job of painting your Queenslander to the specialists – call Prime Building Painters on (07) 4277 7577 today for your free consultation.