6 Tips for Choosing the Best Exterior Paint Colours to Boost Your House Value

Whether you’re selling your home, or planning to sell it years down the line, keeping your exterior house painting process in mind is important when selecting a colour.

Staging is when a home is prepared and set up for selling. During this process, the colour of your exterior and your interior make a big difference in the minds of prospective buyers. 

Prime Building Painters have a team of colour experts who can advise you on which Dulux colour to choose for investment purposes. Here are our top 6 tips on how to choose the best paint colour for a boost in your home’s value — in both the short and long term. 

Get an Expert Colour Consultation

The first step to ensuring you get the biggest return on investment for your new paint job is to consult with an expert about the best house painting strategy. This will include the exterior home colours you should choose, the parts of your home that should be focused on, as well as the type of paint you should opt for. As specialist building painters, we understand it can be difficult to know which paints and colours will be the most suitable for both durability and visual appeal. Choosing a painting company that gives you a free colour consultation will help you get the most out of your paint job. 

Prioritise Painting Over Renovations

You may be tempted to focus on renovating your kitchen, bathroom, or dining room before selling a home. While this may be necessary for some homes, a new paint job is a more effective and affordable way to stage your home for selling purposes. 

Expensive renovations may bite into your profit, so rather give your home that ‘new home feeling’ with a fresh coat of paint. In the world of real estate, this has proven to be the most effective way of selling a home quickly, as well as leaves a fresh canvas for the new owners to furnish and decorate to their taste.

Focus on Exterior House Painting

Ideally you want to paint the outside and the inside of your house before selling it, but we understand this is not possible for everyone. If you’re working with a tight budget, it’s best to prioritise your home’s exterior. This will create that all-important first impression in the minds of potential buyers, and effectively increase the overall value of your house. So, if you have to choose between interior and exterior house painting, always go for the latter. 

Real estate agent in Algester Brisbane talking to couple out front of newly painted property for sale

Choose Colours for Your Home’s Interior Wisely

Don’t go overboard when choosing a primary colour for your home. Statistically, houses that sell quickly are generally furnished with particular colours. One of the most popular ‘new home feeling’ colours is grey. It’s neutral, modern, and lends your home a cosy feel that prospective buyers will love. Other neutral colours like white, beige, and eggshell are popular and create a light and clean feeling for potential buyers, plus you have a huge range of shades within these colours to choose from. 

Also avoid overly distinctive colours like orange, green, and blue. Repainting your home is not a time to get creative, because not everybody likes those colours. You want to avoid situations where buyers make an offer because they’re factoring in the need to repaint later. Most people see white, beige or grey as a ‘move-in-ready’ colour, so choose your exterior home colours wisely.    

Use a High Quality Paint

Investing in the value of your home with interior and exterior house painting means spending a little bit more on high-quality paint. Although it can be tempting to cut corners when you are painting to sell, this can be obvious to potential buyers and come back to bite you at building inspection time. You want your paint to protect your home, especially when your buyers consider the harshness of the Australian climate. We highly recommend Dulux Weathershield® for the maximum return on your investment.

Don’t Vary Your Colours Too Much

Pick a theme and stick to it. You want to develop that theme using two or three colours at the most. If grey is your primary colour, this is the colour you want for the focal points of your home like the dining room, lounge areas, and foyers. Your secondary colour should compliment the primary one, and this will be used to paint the remainder of your house like the bedrooms, passageway, etc. 

Final words from the professionals

Consider these top tips from our team of experts at Prime Building Painters, and give us a call if you want to know more. Remember, your exterior house painting project should be done with investment in mind, so avoid those common pitfalls and call the professionals to ensure the best return on your property sale.